6 Ways to Help Welsh Labour Win #TogetherForWales in 2016

We all have our role to play in defeating the Tories and securing a Welsh Labour victory in May. If you're not able to join us talking to voters on the doorstep, you can still get involved in our campaign. Here are 6 ways you can help Welsh Labour win #TogetherForWales in 2016. 

1. Spread the word on social media 

As a party we may not have the big budgets other parties can rely on, but we do have an amazing asset they don't have - you! If all our members and supporters shared Welsh Labour's posts on Facebook and Twitter, our messages could reach thousands more people in the run-up to May 5th.  If you're posting yourself, remember to use our campaign hashtag #TogetherForWales or #GydanGilyddDrosGymru. 

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2. Chip-in to our campaign

Nobody likes asking for money. But unlike the Tories and their big financial backers, we at Welsh Labour rely on small donations from our thousands of members and supporters. If you're able to contribute to our campaign by giving as little as £5, that could give us a huge boost during these last few weeks.

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3. Help on Polling Day 

Polling Day is the most important day of our campaign - if you're only able to help on one day of our whole campaign, make it May 5th! From inputting data to calling voters to remind them what time their polling station is open - there are lots of ways you can help. 

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 4. Join a delivery team or phone bank 

Maybe you don't yet feel ready to join one of our campaign teams on the doorstep, have mobility issues, or perhaps you're not available at the times they're out talking to voters near you? You can still be part of our campaign by delivering leaflets or joining a phone bank. Say you'll join our Campaign Team, and one of our organisers will get in touch to let you know what's happening where you live, and find out how you'd like to help. 

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5. Register to Vote by Post

Hundreds of people use secure postal votes so they can vote at a time that is convenient for them.  If you vote by post you don’t need to worry about the kids, work, or illness stopping you getting down to polling station on 5 May. Why not sign-up for a Postal Vote online, and encourage your Labour-supporting friends and family to do so too? It's really, just download and print off a form online, then post it back before the deadline of April 19th. 

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6. Tell your friends why you're voting Labour 

We know that an in-person, eye-to-eye conversation with an undecided voter is the most effective way to secure their support. So why not tell your friends why you've voting for Welsh Labour? The more conversations that happen (either one-to-one or on social media), the greater our chances of defeating the Tories around the country.


We've all seen the difference Welsh Labour has made to the people of Wales. Now is the time to build on strong foundations - with your help, we can return a Welsh Labour Government in May. 

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