£43M Schools and Social Housing Boost will Create 800 Jobs

Schools and social housing projects across Wales are set to benefit from an immediate £43 million capital investment boost, Welsh Labour’s Minister for Finance and Government Business Jane Hutt has announced.

A total of £23m will be allocated to 21st Century school projects across all 22 local authorities during 2015-16, supporting the rebuild and refurbishment of over 150 schools and colleges.  A further £20m will be allocated to the Social Housing grant helping build approximately 230 affordable homes across the country.

This investment will also provide a boost to employment in Wales supporting up to 800 jobs - including 300 in the design and build of new schools in our communities and 500 in providing affordable housing.

Alongside the additional capital investment, the Minister has also published an update of the Wales Infrastructure Investment Plan project pipeline in line with the Welsh Government’s ambition of providing a comprehensive picture of infrastructure investment across Wales. 

Full details by Local Authority can be found here and here.

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