‘Prosperity and security’ - Welsh Labour launches its manifesto for the next term

Welsh Labour put the economy centre stage as they launched their manifesto for the Assembly elections on Tuesday.

Welsh Labour leader Carwyn Jones said Wales’ economy had ‘punched above its weight’ in recent years and outlined plans to boost economic growth through a Welsh Development Bank, free childcare and tax cuts for all small businesses.

Speaking at the Nantgarw campus of Coleg Y Cymoedd he said Welsh Labour’s manifesto for the next term would have ‘family and fairness’ at its heart.

Speaking at the launch Carwyn Jones said:

“Today Welsh Labour has laid out an ambitious plan for the next term – one focused on the economy, growth and fairness.

“Over the last few years the Welsh economy has punched above its weight with high profile inward investments coming through Aston Martin and TVR. 

“Our manifesto today seeks to build on those firm foundations with big and bold new ideas such as a new Development Bank for Wales and tax cuts for all small businesses to help boost economic growth even further in the years to come.

“What marks out our manifesto from the rest is that we want to build economic growth and security for everyone in Wales.   

“Having an active Government willing to intervene has never been more important, as we face up to the steel crisis in the UK. We’ll fight tooth and nail for those good jobs, and keep investing in the knowledge economy that will keep us competitive on a global stage. 

“Our manifesto for 2016 is called ‘Together for Wales’ because we want to deliver for every individual, every family and every business right across Wales.   

“North and south; young and old, this manifesto is about prosperity and fairness for all.” 

Manifesto proposals include: 

-  For Young People a commitment to invest £100m in Welsh schools over the next Assembly term

-  For Individuals Looking for Work a promise to create 100,000 high quality all-age apprenticeships 

-  A tax cut for all Small Businesses 

-  For those in need of life saving care a new £80m treatment fund

-  For Older People going into residential care a doubling of the capital limit 

-  And help for Working Parents with 30 hours of free childcare

Carwyn Jones added:

“We’re incredibly proud of what Welsh Labour has delivered in government over the last five years.  The highest inward Investment for a generation; a stronger NHS and record exam results. 

“However it’s not what you did yesterday that matters to voters it’s the vision you set out for tomorrow that really counts.  We want to build on the new momentum we are seeing in our economy and in our schools to build a better Wales." 

“That’s why we have launched our answers to the challenges of tomorrow with a plan for today.”


Shadow Secretary of State Nia Griffith said:

“We have seen the difference that a Welsh Labour Government makes to the lives of people in Wales.  They’ve delivered jobs and opportunities for our young people, investment in health and education and a strong economy that works for everyone 

“This manifesto set out our ambitious plan for five more years of delivery.”


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