“The Tories have never cared about Wales” – Welsh Labour leader Carwyn Jones launches hard-hitting poster campaign

Welsh Labour leader Carwyn Jones, Shadow Welsh Secretary Christina Rees and General Election campaign chair Wayne David will join activists to unveil Welsh Labour’s new, hard-hitting poster campaign, warning of the dangers of letting the “Tories trample all over Wales.”

Welsh Labour leader and First Minister Carwyn Jones will say:

“This election is crucial for the future of Wales, and the stakes for local communities - like here in Cardiff South & Penarth - could not be higher. It’s communities like this that will suffer the hardest with five more years of cruel cuts. We simply cannot let the Tories trample all over Wales again.

“All the progress we’ve made as a country - with our investment in health and education, our support for manufacturing and industry, building new schools, hospitals and homes – is at risk. It’s at risk if we don’t return our hardworking Welsh Labour MPs to Parliament. And it’s at risk from a Tory government with free rein to do to Wales again what they last did to us in the 1980s.

“The simple truth behind the big Tory deceit is this: the Tories have never cared about Wales. The last time they ran Wales, they crushed the hope and aspiration of a country, devastating communities, dismantling our industries and destroying the life chances of successive generations.

“Only a vote for Welsh Labour can stop the Tories. A vote for Welsh Labour is a vote for free school breakfasts, building new schools and hospitals, support for jobs and industries like steel, for more police on the streets, for investment in rail, and big new energy projects. These are Welsh Labour policies, Welsh Labour priorities – but they need the partnership of a Welsh Labour government and a strong team of Welsh Labour MPs in Westminster.

“Every vote for a Welsh Labour candidate on June 8th will help us stand up for Wales together - and stop the Tories trampling all over Wales again.”

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