Big Nev Backs the Reds

Welsh footballing legend Neville Southall has today [Wednesday] backed Welsh Labour ahead of tomorrow’s elections.

Calling on people across Wales to use all their votes for Welsh Labour to avoid a Tory/UKIP coalition, Neville Southall says Carwyn and Welsh Labour will “always stand up for Wales and always deliver”.

Throughout the campaign UKIP have echoed Tory plans to reintroduce failed Grammar schools and engage in a costly top down reorganisation of the NHS.

Neville Southall said:

“I made a career standing my ground. Never backing down; always putting my team and my country first.

“That’s why I’m backing Welsh Labour and Carwyn Jones tomorrow, because I know that Carwyn and Labour will always stand up for Wales and always deliver.

“This election will be close and a handful of votes could be the difference between a Welsh Labour Government and a Tory/UKIP coalition. I urge people to use all their votes for Welsh Labour tomorrow.”

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