Cameron’s Welsh NHS attack is a smokescreen to cover his broken promises on health in England

Labour’s Shadow Welsh Secretary has hit back at David Cameron’s attack on the Welsh NHS. He has pointed out that while the Welsh Government has maintained health spending at £6.4bn despite a huge £1.4bn cut to the Welsh budget by David Cameron, the NHS in England is reaching crisis levels with spiralling waiting times, a looming A&E disaster and millions wasted on a top-down reorganisation.

Responding, Owen Smith, Welsh Labour’s Shadow Welsh Secretary, said:

“David Cameron’s attack on the Welsh NHS at PMQs today is nothing more than a cynical shot at diverting attention from the Tories’ broken promises and attempted privatisation in England.

“David Cameron claims the NHS budget in Wales has been cut, but the reality is that the Welsh Labour Government has maintained spending on health at the same level, despite the Tories and Lib Dems cutting the overall Welsh budget by £1.4bn.

“This smokescreen is to be expected from a Prime Minister who has broken all his promises on the NHS.  But with the best improvements in cancer survival rates across the whole of the UK, free prescriptions and ground-breaking projects to join up health and social care, Wales has an NHS to be proud of. Patients, doctors and nurses in Wales won’t be fooled; they know that the NHS is better off in Labour’s hands.

“Before he decides to make political pot-shots from the despatch box again, David Cameron should think about the 86% of clinicians that would rather work for the NHS in Wales than England.”

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