Comment following Labour's Clause V meeting

Following Labour’s Clause V meeting in London today, First Minister and Welsh Labour leader Carwyn Jones said:

“Today’s meeting was extremely positive and constructive, underlining to all present the strength of the offer that Labour will be putting before the people both in Wales and across the UK on June 8th. 
“Welsh Labour’s manifesto will be distinct in its purpose, bold in its ambition, and proudly Welsh Labour throughout. 
“Crucially, strong bonds with our Labour colleagues has meant that Wales’s voice has also been heard loud and clear in the UK manifesto. This shows Labour at its best, campaigning as one on those areas of shared passion and responsibility, while enabling policies that best serve our country to flourish.”
Shadow Welsh Secretary Christina Rees said:
“It has been an honour to work for Wales with Carwyn Jones and Alun Davies to deliver this manifesto, alongside Jeremy Corbyn and my shadow cabinet colleagues.  
“We are united in our determination to win for Labour across the UK on June 8th and I am sure that Welsh Labour has a manifesto to help them do just that.”

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