Council Tax in Wales Remains Lower Than England

Council Tax in Wales remains lower than in England according to new figures.

The latest official Welsh Government figures show that average Band D council tax for Wales in 2016-17 will be £1,374, much lower than the average Band D in England, which stands at £1,530 – despite the cuts imposed on Wales by the Tory UK Government.

The average band D council tax rise in Wales is lower than the figure for England, excluding London, based on estimates published by CIPFA.

Welsh tax payers will see an average Band D rise of £47 (3.5%); a smaller increase than was seen in 2015/16, when the average increase was £52 (4.1%).

The Welsh Labour Government has also maintained its support to over 300,000 households who need assistance in meeting their council tax bills. Of these approximately 200,000 pay no council tax at all.

The latest figures can be found here.

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