Welsh Labour’s Minister for Skills and Science, Julie James, has officially opened Suprex - the only commercial company in the UK to develop process applications for carbon dioxide (CO2).

In 2012, the Welsh Labour Government awarded £345,000 funding to Bangor University for an industrial-scale green testing facility which enables CO2 to be used as a replacement for traditional solvents used in the chemical industry. Based in Caernarfon, Suprex is a spin-out company jointly owned by Bangor University and Phytovation and made possible by the initial funding.

Suprex uses a cutting edge method of processing which is greener and more environmentally friendly than traditional methods. Its yield will be used in flavours, fragrances, cosmetics, personal care, neutraceutical and pharmaceutical products. It is the only organisation in the UK to be doing this type of research and work. The initial premises at Bangor University was the UK’s leading centre of this expertise and is now, as Suprex, the only commercial facility in UK. 

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