Elections "a very good result for Welsh Labour" - Carwyn Jones

Commenting after the election on Thursday, Carwyn Jones said: "Given what the polls were saying in recent months, this is a very good result for Welsh Labour. I'd like to thank the candidates, volunteers and campaign teams who defied the odds to secure such a good night for the party."

"We always said this was the toughest Assembly election we had ever faced, and in that context we can be pleased to beat the Tories in every battleground seat. The country has been spared the chaos of a Tory/UKIP coalition. 

"With 29 seats, Wales will now look to us to form the next Government, that's a very great honour and we will take some time over the weekend to discuss the road ahead. There are huge challenges ahead of us - most particularly the steel crisis and the European referendum and people will now look to their politicians to put down the cudgels and work together to achieve the right outcome on these vital issues.

"Things didn't go all our way, and the loss of Leighton Andrews was a real blow to the Assembly and the party. In other parts of Wales we heard some tough messages, and we will learn from that. In many ways this election is a conversation that's just begun with the Welsh people and we will always listen and learn. We know people have high expectations of us, and we'll always strive to do better and deliver for them."

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