Half of Patients in Wales Wait Less Than 11 Weeks to Start Treatment

Half of people were waiting less than 11 weeks to start treatment in Wales in January, new figures show.

NHS referral to treatment times for January 2016 show the average waiting time for people waiting to start treatment in the Welsh NHS in January 2016 was 10.7 weeks. This includes time spent waiting for any outpatient appointments, diagnostic tests or other procedures which may be needed before treatment starts.

The figures also show 84% of patient pathways were waiting less than 26 weeks to start treatment – up from 83.5% in December 2015.

A total of 89,024 “patient pathways” were closed during January, which means treatment had been completed or the patient no longer needed a procedure undertaken.

Meanwhile, 101,027 referrals were received for a first outpatient appointment at a health board in January 2016. There were on average more than 5,000 referrals received per working day in January 2016. 

The figures can be found here.

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