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Jenny Rathbone

Jenny Rathbone entered the National Assembly after defeating the Liberal Democrats in the Cardiff Central seat in May 2011.

I live in Llanedeyrn and I take an active part in the local community - good things can happen when communities work together. I am a school governor at Llanedeyrn High School and Ysgol y Berllan Deg. I am a regular participant at PACT meetings to try and make sure the police and Cardiff Council are working effectively with the community to cut down crime and make us feel safe.

I think it’s very important that everybody gets a fair start in life. This is why I am a school governor.

I worked hard to provide a fair start for all when I was the programme manager of a very successful Sure Start programme. We created award-winning children’s centres which helped regenerate the local area. We also worked with tenants’ associations and community organisations to tackle housing problems, drugs, and crime, which impacted on the life chances of young children.

I strongly believe that we have to get healthcare right for everyone. I have been a member of a health trust, and have a lot of experience of serving on health bodies.

My background in journalism taught me the way things work in British politics, and where things need to change. I spent many years working on World in Action and producing The Money Programme for the BBC. The stories I covered as a writer and broadcaster are often directly relevant to today’s issues. This is certainly the case with the Channel 4 series I produced looking at the 1980’s international debt crisis.

I am a strong supporter of trade unions, and I am a member of Unite.

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