Lord Murphy calls on Leanne Wood to take action against Arfon Jones

Lord Murphy of Torfaen, former Chair of the Intelligence and Security Committee, has today challenged the leader of Plaid Cymru to discipline the party's Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for North Wales and distance herself from his remarks. 

Lord Murphy's intervention comes following the 'unacceptable' remarks from Arfon Jones - including a reference to bombing the UK, as the country responsible for ISIL. 

Lord Murphy said:

"These remarks are obviously totally unacceptable, and it is incumbent on Leanne Wood as the party leader to take action on this matter. A failure to do so would suggest that Plaid Cymru agrees with these comments.

"The threat posed by ISIL is real, it is not a laughing matter, and it is disgraceful to suggest that the UK is responsible for the actions of this barbaric gang of terrorists. There is a huge amount at stake in this election, and Plaid Cymru are clearly a risk that North Wales can't afford."

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