Meet the Assembly Member: Lee Waters, Llanelli

Lee Waters was elected as an Assembly Member for the first time on May 5th 2016, increasing Labour's majority in the closely-fought seat of Llanelli. In the first of our series of interviews with new Welsh Labour Assembly Members, we caught up with Lee and asked him a few questions. 




What were your first thoughts when you heard you had been elected? 

It still hasn't fully sunk in. The count and the declaration was like an out of body experience. It wasn't until the following day when I was sworn in at the assembly that I began to absorb it all, but it's still seems quite surreal. 


What will your first priorities be as Assembly Member for Llanelli? 

To be a champion for the constituency is obviously the first priority, and helping individuals with problems is a key part of that. I really want to focus on the longer term to start work on pulling together an economic strategy for the whole constituency. 


Who are you most looking forward to working with in the Assembly? 

There is a very strong group of new Labour Assembly Members that I am enjoying getting to know, and of course some longer serving colleagues that I have known for a while but am enjoying getting to know in a different guise.


How should people get in touch if they want to discuss a constituency issue with you?  

Facebook, Twitter, email, phone, letter - however they like, I'm here to try and help. 


To learn more about Lee, you can read his biography and profile on our website here

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