Mid & West Wales

Mid & West Wales covers the following CLPs: Brecon & Radnorshire, Mongomeryshire, Dwyfor Meirionnydd, Ceredigion, Carmarthen East & Dinefwr, Llanelli, Carmarthen West & South Pembrokeshire, and Preseli Pembrokeshire.

Jon Mackeen (Nominated by Montgomeryshire CLP.)

I Joined the Labour Party in 1978 as I wished to play a part in achieving a better future for all. As a Socialist, I fully believe in equality of opportunity for   every one. I left the Party in 1999 as I felt the ordinary members were not being listened to. However, during those twenty years in the Party I held many positions, at both Branch and at CLP level.

  • Election Agent in 1992 General Election
  • Served as a Powys Labour County Councillor and was Vice Chair  of Social Services.
  • First Labour Mayor of Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council.
  • Ran a sub-office for the then North Wales MEP Joe Wilson in Newtown.

In early spring 2016 I rejoined the Party as I could see a brighter future for members with a stronger voice for all the membership. At the same time I joined Unite and Welsh Labour Grassroots. In 2017 General Election I was the Campaign Manager / Sub-Agent.

In the years when not a member of the Party, I ran a business along with my Partner Kim.  I also served on the Wales and Borders Regional Board for the Cooperative Group and spent over twenty-five years in the 3rd Sector, volunteering within Disability Charities. I was a Trainer in Diversity and Equal Opportunities and am currently the Diversity Officer for the CLP. In the last six years I am Lead Volunteer and National Speaker for Diabetes UK.

If elected to the Welsh Executive Committee I will endeavour to represent all members of the Mid and West Wales Region, and ensure that your voice is heard and always considered. I know the region extremely well. Born in Solva, in Pembrokeshire, I moved to Montgomeryshire in 1983.

 Catherine Thomas (Nominated by Llanelli CLP, Preseli Pembrokeshire CLP, and Carmarthen West & South Pembrokeshire CLP.)

Since February 2016 it has been my privilege to represent the eight CLPs in Mid & West Wales on the Welsh Executive Committee.

Why stand again? The membership, the grassroots of our party, is its lifeblood.  As a Socialist and party member since 1989 I believe passionately that the views of party members must be heard and valued. I want to continue doing my utmost to ensure the views of members in our region are brought to the WEC table.  Although a member of Llanelli CLP, my commitment and accountability is to the entire region.

My record? 

  • Accessible to members via email and phone. Attending local meetings when invited.
  • Being proactive in between meetings and seeking views of members on a range of issues, including feedback following recent elections.
  • Providing support and advice to members, especially for those in our region suspended from the party without evidence to explain such upsetting action.
  • Keeping members updated following WEC meetings through regular reports sent to the eight CLP Secretaries for circulation.  
  • Strong lobbying for training in both post holder and campaigning skills, resulting in training opportunities throughout our region.
  • Arguing successfully for candidate selections in the six “majority” seats, five being in our region, to commence once the six priority selections conclude.
  • Securing WEC support for my proposal that meetings only conclude when all business is dealt with adequately and not rushed.

Future Goals?

The recently launched Democracy Review aims to make the party more accountable. Therefore, it is disheartening that Welsh Labour has rejected OMOV for Welsh Leadership Elections, ignoring the views of the majority of CLPs who answered the consultation. I believe this has disenfranchised the membership. I will be campaigning for the decision to be reversed and for it to go before Welsh Conference.

Phil Thompson (Nominated by Llanelli CLP.)

A Representative for all of Mid and West Wales.

The needs of the many members in all 8 CLPs across the whole of Mid and West Wales, deserve strong representation on the WEC, reresentation which puts the Membership at the heart of  decision making.


I first joined the Labour Party at 15 and have held numerous Branch and CLP posts and know the Labour party rules and structures.

I have been a full time elected Trade Union officer and am a specialist equality law barrister. I am committed to, and have a track record in promoting equality including having been on the boards of Disability Wales and Disability Rights UK.

I am an experienced, confident advocate, who is used to committee structures and will be effective in working on the WEC to promote a democratic, campaigning agenda.

Responsive and Accountable

If elected, I will be

  • responsive to members, (email me on philthompsonkidwelly@yahoo.com),
  • provide regular reports of all meetings and
  • have an open offer to attend meetings in any CLP that invites me, to meet, report back to and hear the views of their members.

Supporting Members and CLPs

Members campaign, knock on doors and work on the ground in our communities and are the lifeblood of the party. Members should determine how we organise and campaign and choose who leads our party in Wales, which should be by OMOV not electoral college, ensuring all members are equally valued.

Ours is a large region who’s local party organisation structures need different levels and types of support. I will work to ensure that Welsh Labour is an open, democratic member lead party, which listens to the views of all our 8 CLPs and gives them the support they need to promote our progressive Socialist message to win hearts, minds and elections.

Marc Tierney (Nominated by Carmarthen West & South Pembrokeshire CLP.)

I have a wealth of experience in the Labour Party as a member for over a decade, as an elected post-holder and  an active campaigner.  I have worked for several regional and constituency AMs in the region and have stood as a candidate in national elections.

In 2017, with the support of local party members, I ran a positive and energetic campaign slashing the majority of the Tory MP in Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire.

I am committed to Mid and West Wales and to the election of a Labour Government led by Jeremy Corbyn. For years now, our communities have suffered under the strains of austerity, the effect of which is crippling our public services and damaging our economic prosperity.  We cannot go on with the Tories ignoring the needs of people like us.

I believe in developing a strong economy that works for all, that balances the need for better living standards, fairness and opportunity with protecting our fragile environment.  I am a strong opponent of fox hunting and will champion the cause of animal rights.

We must fight harder than ever with the challenges of Brexit to protect our health and education services because I believe my children and yours should have the best life chances.

Above all, we need to make sure that the voice of the grass roots is heard at the heart of Government both in the Assembly and in Parliament.

If elected as your WEC representative, I will uphold democracy at every level of the Party. I will speak up on behalf of the membership in every corner of our region to ensure that the Labour Party in Cardiff understands that we cannot deliver a Corbyn victory unless we do everything we can to win back seats in rural Mid and West Wales.

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