New Figures Show Decline in Sight Impairments

New statistics on eye care show that the number of people newly certified with impaired vision in Wales has decreased over the last three years.

Welsh Labour’s Cabinet Secretary for Health Vaughan Gething has welcomed the figures which show that, despite an ageing population with complex health needs, the number of people with a new sight impairment in Wales has decreased by 15 per cent.

Figures also show that there were over 1 million eye care consultations last year in NHS Wales.

The figures show that eye conditions are being detected earlier in Wales and coupled with newer, more effective treatments, this is helping to ensure fewer people develop sight loss in Wales. The NHS in Wales continues to work with health boards, professionals and user groups to change the way ophthalmic care is delivered so preventable sight impairment can continue to be reduced in Wales

The latest statistics on eye health can be found here.


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