New HMO Powers for Local Authorities Come Into Force

New legislation from the Welsh Labour Government that will give planning authorities the opportunity to manage the impact of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) in their local area comes into force this week.

Welsh Labour’s  Natural Resources Minister Carl Sargeant has set out how the aim of the legislation is to allow local planning authorities to require planning consent for new HMOs and to consider the effects such dwellings might have on local areas before deciding whether to approve planning permission or refuse it.

The new legislation will introduce a new use class (C4) for HMOs occupied by not more than six residents. This will mean that anyone wanting to create a new HMO for between three and six unrelated individuals who share basic amenities such as a kitchen or bathroom would have to apply for planning permission.  

The legislation has been developed following recommendations made in an independent report into the effect HMOs can have on communities. The report found a clear need to take action to ensure the continued confidence of residents in areas with large numbers of HMOs, while also protecting the rights of those people residing in them.

The report also recognised that HMOs can provide a source of accommodation for people in specific circumstances and the intention of the changes is ensure better control of such households.

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