New "Welsh Way" of Working in the NHS

A new set of principles for all staff employed by the Welsh NHS, which form the basis of the “Welsh way” of working, has been unveiled by Welsh Labour’s Health and Social Services Minister Mark Drakeford.

The NHS core principles, which have been developed in partnership by the Welsh Government, NHS Wales Employers and trade unions, are the foundation of how staff should work across and within NHS Wales.

The core principles put the public and patients first and have been developed to ensure the NHS delivers the best possible care to those with the greatest health needs first. They also put an emphasis on wellbeing and preventative healthcare and supporting NHS employees’ continuing professional development. They state:

  • We put patients and users of our services first
  • We seek to improve our care
  • We focus on wellbeing and prevention
  • We reflect on our experiences and learn
  • We work in partnership and as a team
  • We value all who work for the NHS

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