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Winning in 2016 - First Minister Carwyn Jones' speech to Labour Party Conference – Brighton 2015

I’ve titled my speech this morning, Winning in 2016. If anyone doubted my passion for winning, they should have been sat next to me watching the rugby yesterday. Now, I’m not here to gloat. Well, maybe a little. I could just scrap the speech and read out a match report and player ratings. And then move on the latest world football rankings, where Wales are above England.

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Keir Hardie Lecture by First Minister Carwyn Jones – Merthyr Tydfil 2015

Thank you for the invitation to speak here this evening. Looking back at the illustrious speakers you have had in the past really underlines what an important evening this has become in the political calendar – so it is a very special honour to be asked to deliver the lecture marking the centenary of Hardie’s passing.

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£1500 boost for Welsh business thanks to Welsh Labour

Economy Minister Edwina Hart AM has today announced a £1500 boost for small business in Wales through tax relief.

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First Minister Carwyn Jones writes for the Western Mail on the Welsh NHS

The NHS in Wales is facing major challenges – we are the first to say so and want there to be an open debate about this. However, there are many myths being bandied around about our health service, a lot of casual point-scoring and political opportunism.

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Cameron’s Welsh NHS attack is a smokescreen to cover his broken promises on health in England

Labour’s Shadow Welsh Secretary has hit back at David Cameron’s attack on the Welsh NHS. He has pointed out that while the Welsh Government has maintained health spending at £6.4bn despite a huge £1.4bn cut to the Welsh budget by David Cameron, the NHS in England is reaching crisis levels with spiralling waiting times, a looming A&E disaster and millions wasted on a top-down reorganisation.

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