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Comment from Carwyn Jones on the PCC elections

Commenting on the Police and Crime Commissioner elections, First Minister Carwyn Jones said: 

"I'd like to offer my congratulations to Alun Michael and Jeff Cuthbert for their superb victories in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections. I know they will be brilliant representatives for their areas and they will work hard to keep their communities safe and secure. 

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Elections "a very good result for Welsh Labour" - Carwyn Jones

Commenting after the election on Thursday, Carwyn Jones said: "Given what the polls were saying in recent months, this is a very good result for Welsh Labour. I'd like to thank the candidates, volunteers and campaign teams who defied the odds to secure such a good night for the party."

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There is simply no protest vote available in this election - Jeremy Corbyn ahead of polling day

Speaking ahead of his visit to Wales today, Jeremy Corbyn said "When I stood for leader many of the people who got behind my campaign felt that politics had left them, and their communities behind. They came from all walks of life, different ages and different political backgrounds. 

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Top Tory slams racism in Welsh and London party: she's now voting Labour

Former Tory candidate, and Cardiff based entrepreneur, Shazia Awan has today written an explosive article for the New Statesman showing that racist behavior and language remains deeply ingrained in the Conservative Party. 

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Big Nev Backs the Reds

Welsh footballing legend Neville Southall has today [Wednesday] backed Welsh Labour ahead of tomorrow’s elections.

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Carwyn visits Tata with vow to fight for steel jobs

Carwyn Jones, has today confirmed that the Welsh Labour Government is providing financial support to the Tata Steel Management Buyout Option and stands ready to assist other interested parties – as the deadline for expressions of interest approaches.

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Big-hitter Tom Watson backs David Taylor's 'zero tolerance' policy on yobs

The Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson, believes the party’s candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in North Wales - David Taylor - will bring a “new energy” to the role, if elected this week.

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Together for Wales: The Choice on May 5th

For all the heat and noise of the campaign, every election comes down to one big choice. In 1945 that was a choice about a better, fairer country for our war heroes; in 1997 it was about Labour’s different modern, vision of Britain.


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Next few days "absolutely crucial" in determining the shape of the next Welsh Government - Carwyn Jones

Today [Monday] First Minister Carwyn Jones will deliver a speech in North Wales setting out the choice facing people at this election and urging those people supporting minority parties in Labour/Tory marginals to lend their support to Labour. 

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Welsh Labour gearing up for ‘biggest organisational push in recent history’ ahead of May 5 poll

As the final weekend of the Assembly election campaign begins Welsh Labour are gearing up for the biggest organisational push in recent history. 

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