Next few days "absolutely crucial" in determining the shape of the next Welsh Government - Carwyn Jones

Today [Monday] First Minister Carwyn Jones will deliver a speech in North Wales setting out the choice facing people at this election and urging those people supporting minority parties in Labour/Tory marginals to lend their support to Labour. 

"These next few days will be absolutely crucial in determining the shape of the next Welsh Government. We know we are ahead in the polls; but we also know that there are really close fights all over Wales that will be decided by a handful of voters. And almost without exception those close fights are between us and the Tories. Plaid might try and kid people along, and even try and con them into changing their list vote. That’s simply because they’re out of the race in almost every constituency. 

“So make no mistake – the majority of fights that will decide the outcome of this election will be tight battles between us and the Tories. In the General Election the Tories won in the Vale of Clwyd by 237 votes - and yet 3,401 voted Liberal and Plaid. In the Gower, the Tories won by 27 votes - and yet 5,764 voted Liberal, Plaid and Green. And what’s happening now? How are these Tories representing those people who wanted their values at the heart of Government? Well last week, the Tory MP from the Gower voted to stop unaccompanied child refugees to come into the UK. Think about that. 

“In Labour Wales, there’s been no junior doctors strike, no privitastion of the NHS, and no crippling debt for our students. Despite the massive Tory cuts to our budget, we’ve invested in what matters most to people in Wales - the NHS and education. 

"So, if you’re thinking about voting Liberal, or Plaid, or Green in the seats where it is a straight fight between Labour and Tory – think about that risk. Think about importing that kind of politics into the Assembly. And lend us your vote in those constituencies to stop it."

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