North Wales

North Wales covers the following CLPs: Ynys Môn, Arfon, Aberconwy, Clwyd West, Vale of Clwyd, Delyn, Alyn & Deeside, Wrexham, and Clwyd South.

Andy Dunbobbin (Nominated by Aberconwy CLP, Alyn & Deeside CLP, Clwyd West CLP, Vale of Clwyd CLP, and Ynys Môn CLP.)


Firstly, I’d like to thank all of you for your support over the years. I am truly humbled and proud to of been able to represent you on the WEC. It is important for me to let all of our members know how valued each of one of you are. You all play a part in our movement.

And it is our membership, our movement; providing the strength to the Party. The engagement, enthusiasm and momentum that has been led by Jeremy Corbyn has created this political empowerment. This strongly resonates with me.

As a proud North Walian, an active County Councillor and worked as a Social Innovation Outreach Worker, I have a deep understanding of the issues and challenges we currently face in our communities. Things have been far from easy.  Difficult decisions have had to be made.  However, the Party’s core values, that I passionately share, shouldn’t be sacrificed.  Our integrity won’t be compromised.  Furthermore, I would like to continue in representing you and our members with the vigour, tenacity and principles I adopt in my daily life.

To me, that's what politics in Wales should be about - people.  People like you and me.  The things that affect our daily lives: our children and their education; our parents, grandparents - family and the ageing population; our NHS; and a future based on hope.  A future where the working poor are rewarded fairly and giving those who need our help a hand up - not a handout.  Tackling inequalities and social injustices head on to create a society for the many and not the few.

I understand that members of the party may have differences of opinion, but by all wings of the Party having that debate, and showing that unity, we can fly.

Donna Hutton (Nominated by Aberconwy CLP, Clwyd West CLP, Vale of Clwyd CLP, and Ynys Môn CLP.)

I have been on the WEC for seven years representing North Wales constituencies and had the honour of being Chair of Welsh Labour in 2016/17.

During this time I have been working to bring transparency to the WEC.

In the last year we have started to get somewhere, and so I am asking for your support to complete this work for one more term of office.

I am a strong voice for North Wales and regularly question and challenge as necessary.

The recent vote against One Member One Vote by the WEC was against the views of the CLPs - weighting an MP/AM’s vote to be worth 500 votes to each members one vote is a bAckward step in my view.

I have consistently voted to keep equality centre stage, even when it has been difficult to do so. This includes equality for North Wales - respect is needed for our travelling time, for instance and the difficulties it causes and how that affects our ability to partake fully in the democratic processes.

At the last WEC on 4th November I proposed a review of Welsh Labour and all our processes to report back to the WEC.  This review is to look at the causes of the harassment claims and how our organisation needs to change to eradicate such behaviour. This was agreed unanimously.  I then sent in a framework for the review and volunteered to be on the working group.

Without equality and transparency we are a closed group and this must change.

Our complaints process needs to be reviewed on the same basis - it appears arbitrary and biased, again this must change.

We are not on the WEC  to rubber stamp decisions made elsewhere but to properly keep the WEC accountable to the Members.

Hannah Jones (Nominated by Alyn & Deeside CLP.)

My name is Hannah Jones and I am the Branch Chair for Saltney Labour Branch. I am enjoying my new role as Branch Chair and I would like to get involved at a higher level to learn more about the Party and its structure.

I work for a law firm in Chester after graduating from studying law at the University of Chester. I would like to use the experience and skills I have gained, such as negotiating with third parties and assisting clients with complex problems, to benefit people across North Wales.

I have been inspired by strong members in Alyn & Deeside CLP who are fighting for fairness in North Wales and to keep frontline services intact under difficult financial constraints from Westminster.

I am acutely aware of the importance of social inclusion and I would like the opportunity to have a say on policies that reflect this.

Since joining the Party and being elected to my local Town Council I have enjoyed being more involved with the Party at grass roots level and I would like to make the step to being involved in decision making in the future with Welsh Labour.

Please vote for me to allow me to carry on the hard work of members of the Alyn & Deeside CLP and other CLP’s across North Wales.

Michelle Perfect (Nominated by Delyn CLP.)

Firstly thank you for reading this biography – it’s true that you wouldn’t vote for someone you don’t know so… Here is a little bit about me; I have lived in Flint all my life and am a proud North Walian.  I am and have been a proud Labour voter all my voting life.  My dad was a steelworker and my mum worked in Courtaulds, Flint.  Both parents were made redundant pretty much at the same time, where the closure of these two major employers was catastrophic for the area.  So, growing up my Labour values were there from the start.  I have been an active member of the Labour Party for many years; and have worked on and managed numerous campaigns all over the country. Campaigning is what I love and what I’m good at – and is something I’m more than happy to pass on to help the next generation of campaigners.

If I was lucky enough to get your vote for WEC representative from North Wales, I would ensure that your views were represented.  I would be happy to campaign with you in elections and would attend your meetings, when invited, to give reports.  I would ensure that you were kept well informed of everything that was going on in the WEC by producing a regular update, which would be emailed through to you.   I hope you can put a cross next to my name and give me your vote and thank you for reading.

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