People in residential care to keep more of their money

Changes have come into force this week enabling people to keep more of their money when in residential care - implementing a key Welsh Labour promise.

The Welsh Labour Government’s five year plan, “Taking Wales Forward”, commits to more than doubling the capital limit used in charging for residential social care, from £24,000 to £50,000.   From 10th April, the limit moves to £30,000, as part of a phased increase to £50,000.

It is part of a Welsh Labour drive to ensure that older people who have worked hard and paid in all their lives receive a fairer deal. 

A full disregard of the War Disablement Pension (WDP) is also being introduced in all local authority financial assessments for charging for social care. This is so that veterans are not required to use any part of these to pay for the care they need.   

These moves are part of a wide range of measures being undertaken by the Welsh Labour Government to improve social care in Wales, including investing an extra £55 million in the sector.

Local authorities are responsible for funding a person’s care if their capital is less than £30,000, only charging a contribution based on a person’s available income. Anybody who thinks they, or a family member, could benefit from the new arrangements, should contact their local authority.

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