Plaid and the Tories are “two sides of the same coin”

Welsh Labour has today (Friday, June 2nd) launched a hard-hitting digital advertising campaign highlighting the dangers of a vote for Plaid Cymru, labelling Plaid and the Tories as “two sides of the same coin”.  

Ahead of the launch, Welsh Labour leader Carwyn Jones unleashed a stinging attack, accusing Plaid of “doing the Tories’ work for them.”

Welsh Labour leader Carwyn Jones said:

“I’ve been proud to lead a campaign that has – from day one – focused on our positive Welsh Labour message for the people of Wales. But the levels of duplicity from Plaid and the Tories have hit new lows – and I’m determined to call it out.
“The Tories, when not fighting amongst themselves, have shown nothing but disrespect to Wales. They’ve dissembled over their failure to protect the steel industry, tried to spin their way out of their willingness to see our airport close with the loss of a thousand jobs, and only yesterday repeatedly refused to guarantee that Wales will not lose funding as a result of their disastrous Brexit negotiations.

“And Plaid Cymru say one thing to the people of Wales, while doing the other behind closed doors. They claim to want action on Zero Hours Contracts – but are more concerned with political grandstanding than working with Labour to get rid of them, giving the Tories a free hand. Plaid talk a good game but their record shows that they happily side with the Tories to oppose Welsh Labour investment. They talk of defending Wales but they’ve already conceded defeat in this election and admitted they will never be able to impact what happens in the UK Parliament like Labour can.
“Most damningly of all, Plaid Cymru claim to be opposed to the Tories’ appalling plans for Wales – but tried to put them into government in the Assembly, in place of a Welsh Labour Government. The truth is in Wales, Plaid Cymru are doing the Tories’ work for them.

“As polling day fast approaches, the choice has never been clearer. Only a vote for Welsh Labour will help me and our fantastic slate of candidates stand up for Wales – while a vote for Plaid will help the Tories trample all over Wales again.”

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