Plaid are confused, divided and doing the Tories’ work for them - Rees

Responding to Plaid Cymru’s manifesto launch, Shadow Welsh Secretary Christina Rees said:

“Plaid Cymru’s manifesto is already unravelling. Leanne Wood was unable to explain its most basic points on television this morning, while a rift has already opened up between Plaid’s leadership in Wales and its Westminster group over Brexit. That they can’t even work cohesively on this most important of issues shows how little they have to offer the people of Wales. 

“The simple fact remains that this General Election is a straight fight between Welsh Labour and the Tories. Leanne Wood knows her party cannot win the election, and a vote for Plaid Cymru could help hand victory to the Tories.     

“Beneath the progressive rhetoric, Plaid Cymru remain the party who voted with the Tories and UKIP in Wales to try and block funding for our schools and NHS, while at this crucial general election, they are actually doing the Tories’ work for them. 

“Only a vote for Welsh Labour on June 8th will stop the Tories trampling over Wales.” 


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