Plaid Cymru in disarray on NHS

Three weeks after Plaid announced their 'flagship' health policy Leanne Wood still has no idea how much he centralisation programme would cost. Their Health spokesperson, Elin Jones, has already been embarrassed in media interviews by failing to address the cost of ending local NHS decision making.

In a BBC Radio Wales this morning Leanne Wood also admitted to having no idea as to the consequential Wales would receive from future UK health spending commitments, despite her party already having committed to spend that money. 

Commenting, Vaughan Gething, Welsh Labour deputy health minister, said:

"This is embarrassing for Plaid Cymru and shows why they cannot be trusted on the NHS and they cannot be trusted on the economy. They have no idea how much their massive NHS restructuring programme will cost – and only two weeks after committing to spend £590m on the NHS, their leader today has admitted they have no idea if that money will be available.

“If Plaid the leader doesn't understand how their flagship health policy will work, how do they expect the people of Wales to trust them?

"It is clear that their massive centralisation plans for the Welsh NHS are ill-thought out, uncosted and untested. Leanne Wood needs to come clean about how they'll pay for it or ditch the policy completely."

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