The latest recycling figures have revealed that Wales is recycling double the waste it did a decade ago - and is exceeding the current statutory recycling target of 58%.

The final results for 2015/16 show the average combined reuse, recycling and composting rate across the 22 Local Authorities in Wales was 60%, an increase of 4 percentage points on last year’s final figure and 30 percentage points more than nine years ago. It is also 2 percentage points higher than the current Statutory Recycling Target of 58%.

Further figures have also shown the amount of biodegradable municipal waste Local Authorities are sending to landfill has reduced by 80% in a decade. Authorities sent 170,567 tonnes of biodegradable waste to landfill in 2015-16, 58% less than the legal allowance of 410,000 tonnes. All 22 Local Authorities achieved their individual allocated allowance.

Reducing the amount of biodegradable waste going to landfill helps to cut greenhouse gas emissions, preventing the production and release of methane into the air from landfill sites.


19 of the 22 Local Authorities in Wales met or exceeded the current 58% target set in the Toward Zero Waste strategy. Local Authorities struggling to meet targets have received additional funding as part of the Welsh Government’s Collaborative Change Programme. This will enable them to make improvements to collection services and depot facilities and support them to meet Statutory Recycling Targets in future years.


The latest recycling figures can be found here

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