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South Wales Central covers the following CLPs: Cynon Valley, Pontypridd, Rhondda, Cardiff North, Cardiff West, Cardiff Central, Cardiff South & Penarth, and Vale of Glamorgan.

 Lynn Glaister (Nominated by Cardiff Central CLP, and Cardiff South & Penarth CLP.)

I joined the Labour Party to campaign for a decent living wage, nuclear disarmament, and to fight against injustice across the world, such as apartheid in South Africa. We have achieved so much across the years as a party, but I still have the passion to fight for change in areas such as:

A decent living weekly wage

I didn’t go to university, so I started work at 18 in a job that would now be paid a minimum wageI was lucky to have been able to work my way up and carve out a career, so it breaks my heart that this is becoming a distant dream for so many people. People find themselves trapped in under-employment and low paid jobs.

Devolved powers and proper Funding

Wales is now a devolved nation, yet our Welsh Government finds itself starved of cash because of the Tories cruel austerity programme. This means that services we care so much about are struggling. There is also the danger of our devolved settlement being watered down by the ‘power grab’ in the Brexit withdrawal process.

The record high membership gives us a wonderful opportunity. We need to ensure members are valued and provided with proper training in areas such as community organising and communication skills. As our greatest asset on the doorstep, you should also be our greatest asset in policy development.

I would provide feedback from WEC meetings and would regularly communicate with members before the meetings to ensure that the issues I raise are those most important to you. I will never forget I am your representative.

I am a UNITE and Co-op member. I love going to live music and am an avid rugby fan. I am a co-founder of a Rugby Supporters Trust, and serve on the Board.

Christine Newman (Nominated by Cardiff West CLP, and Cynon Valley CLP.)

One lesson that we in the Labour Party must learn from the 2017 General Election results is that we are stronger when united.

I’m a retired teacher, still active in the NUT/NEU. This keeps me up to date in Welsh educational matters. As does my role as primary school governor. I am also chair of SEA Cymru which I helped to set up six years ago.

As a feminist, I’m delighted with the progress that the working party on Making Gender Equality a Reality is making in ensuring wider use of All Women Shortlists. I admire the dedication that Julie Morgan and Anita Gale have shown in promoting the Charter for Women throughout Wales. I was involved with Julie in setting up the original South Glamorgan women’s committee in the late eighties.

My CLPs women’s forum produced our own women’s election leaflet, mixing practical help (such as how to register) with a political message. We canvassed women mainly outside school gates and shopping centres.

I am vice chair/membership secretary of Riverside Branch. I visit new members of the party – which has greatly expanded since Jeremy Corbin became leader.

Besides being an active member of my CLP, I have been on the Welsh National Policy Forum and the Welsh Executive committee for the last 2 years.

Our party was set up to represent the interests of the working class and sections of the middle class who are struggling due to Tory austerity policies. What is wrong with demanding a fairer taxation system in order to pay for properly run public services?

The current Brexit situation created by the Tories means we must wholeheartedly support Carwyn Jones and Mark Drakeford in their endeavour to secure social and economic sustainability and prosperity in Wales.

Please Vote for me and Darren Williams

Dan Owen-Jones (Nominated by Pontypridd CLP.)

I have been an active Labour Member for many years, introduced to the party in my youth by my Grandad, Past Councillor and NUM Convener. In His Honour and to our Membership, I am humbled and proud to have been selected for election to the Welsh Executive by The Pontypridd CLP of which I am the Present Chairman.

Contesting an arduous but successful campaign I become a County Borough Councillor in May 2017. In mind and for the hopeful betterment of us all, I have accepted positions on The Public Services Scrutiny, Police Forum together with Membership of the Cwm Taff Health Council, areas where I am very passionate especially our NHS. I am keen to work towards the entire upkeep of our services and a well-paid nucleus of trained staff, contributory to today’s era and expectancy. 

My work within the Construction Industry evolves around a team of variance and view, it is similar in our regime where close relationships with all the organisations are vital to our success going forward to forming the next government. 

Particularly interested in the encouragement of further Enthusiasm, Education and Vibrancy within our Youth Movement. Work at best within the Diversity and Equality Systems in place, be there to assist if required and bolster relationships within the expanse of the Women’s Section and all whom are involved with WASPI and beyond. I believe better links are required to the Trade Unions and ALL our Membership. If elected I will aim to ensure we are together, United and Not Divided, I will work amongst you and with you every step of the way, with your support I am sure we will benefit within an undivided commitment and the will to succeed for us all and our future with regular reporting. 

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 Darren Williams (Nominated by Cardiff Central CLP, Cardiff West CLP, and Cynon Valley CLP.)

Labour’s excellent showing in the general election demonstrated that we can win public support with a radical manifesto, presenting a real alternative to the Tories. Theresa May’s government is now on the ropes, with Jeremy Corbyn a prime minister in waiting.

The election results vindicate Corbyn’s leadership, putting paid to any question about his “electability”. He has inspired unprecedented numbers of people to become politically active, taking Labour’s membership to an all-time high.

As an unapologetic socialist throughout my 28 years in the party, I actively supported both Corbyn leadership campaigns. After the party’s drift away from its historic values during the ‘New Labour’ period, I am delighted to have a leader whose policies I can enthusiastically endorse.

I have worked hard for Labour candidates in every election since I joined, have held party office at all levels and was a Cardiff Councillor until May. I have consistently campaigned for socialist policies and party democracy and was a founder member of Welsh Labour Grassroots, the network of left and centre-left members in Wales, which is now the Welsh sister-organisation of Momentum.

I have been a CLP representative on the WEC since February 2016 and on the NEC since July of that year. On both bodies I have done my best to promote the views and interests of ordinary party members. My meeting reports can be found at:

The recently-launched Democracy Review is a real opportunity to make Labour’s structures and processes more transparent, accountable and engaging. It is therefore particularly disappointing that Welsh Labour seems to be going backwards, with the recent decision to reject OMOV for Welsh leadership elections – a setback that needs to be reversed.

To support internal democracy and a Welsh Labour party in tune with Jeremy Corbyn, please vote for me and for Chris Newman. 

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