South Wales East

South Wales East covers the following CLPs: Monmouth, Newport East, Newport West, Torfaen, Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Islwyn, and Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney.

Deb Davies (Nominated by Newport East CLP, and Newport West CLP.)

As an active and experienced member of Welsh Labour I am asking for your support and vote in the forthcoming Welsh Executive Committee (WEC) elections. I have been Newport East CLP Secretary for more than nine years, as well as being Campaign Organiser and Agent in both local and national elections. I therefore understand the important role the WEC plays in taking decisions which directly affect all Labour Party members in Wales. If elected I will be your voice, ensuring your concerns are heard and through regular communication will feed back decisions that are taken. 

I share your values, working for over 25 years for the NHS, as a qualified nurse on a busy respiratory ward, and seeing first-hand the impact social inequality and poverty has on health and well-being. Premature death from preventable disease remains a persistent feature. The Tory austerity programme is hurting Wales, with cuts to funding and changes to the benefit system impacting unfairly on the most vulnerable in society; whilst plans to electrify our railway have been curtailed, which impacts on the future economy and job opportunities.

I am a City Councillor in Newport and it concerns me that there is a shortage of suitable accommodation for our residents and I firmly support our Welsh Government programme to increase housing. Devolution with Labour in charge is protecting us from some of the worst Tory excesses being meted out elsewhere in the UK.

We have to work together, to increase support for the Labour Party, to prepare for the next general election and to achieve an overall majority. Taking control and implementing socialist policies, such as re-nationalisation of our railways, investing in our economy, and protecting our environment for future generations are fundamental priorities I firmly believe in.

Gillian Parsons (Nominated by Monmouth CLP.)

I am a socialist and supporter of Jeremy Corbyn.  In my working life I have been a welfare rights worker, a safeguarding co-ordinator and independent social worker. I am of mixed race heritage. I had long involvement as a member of the LP in South Wales but resigned after the Iraq war.  In 2015, I re-joined as a registered supporter and went on to become a party member, voting for Jeremy Corbyn in both leadership elections.  I believe I am typical of many who re-joined the party wanting to see a more socialist agenda in the everyday politics we all experience.

The Party has seen a greatly expanded membership.  I believe this needs a response that will secure long-term engagement and more active participation.  To this end I welcome the move to create greater democracy within the Party: to fully involve members and in so doing create a mass movement.  Devolution has been part of this process.  It has seen the Welsh Government bring forward exciting and dynamic policies - as diverse as ruling out privatisation within the NHS to introducing a licensing scheme for landlords.  We also saw policies of this kind feature in the recent radical general election manifesto.  My own experience of canvassing then, together with the gains the Party made, shows the popular support a socialist agenda has for large sections of the electorate.

I hope that Welsh Labour will continue to be open to learning from some of the new ideas and initiatives that are intended to give a greater say to ordinary party members.  I would champion this approach on the WEC.   I am a member of Welsh Labour Grassroots/Momentum.  I ask you to vote for both me and Peter Short for election to the WEC.

Peter Short (Nominated by Monmouth CLP.)

I am a member of Welsh Labour Grassroots/Momentum and also urge support for my fellow Grassroots candidate, Gill Parsons.

I strive to be a socialist and have supported Jeremy Corbyn since his first nomination

Our Manifesto, 'For the Many not the Few' was outstanding, as was the campaigning Leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, energising and enthusing our party and its thousands of new members across Wales.

I see myself as an activist and campaigner. I was a Trade Union Organiser with NUPE and UNISON for over 30 years and feel that I have a very good understanding of the workings of the Welsh Labour Movement. I have also witnessed the devasting impacts of Tory Austerity on our public services and the communities they serve

I want to see democracy within the party broadened and deepened.

Transparency, accountability and the involvement and empowerment of  members  are fundamental to building the mass party needed to transform society

I fully support the objectives behind the current Party Democracy Review and hope many of the ideas being discussed at UK level can be implemented in Wales, particularly more power to members, Constituency Labour Parties, Conference, Labour Youth, Labour Women and Labour BAME

I commit to being accessible and accountable to all constituencies and members in the region, by all means possible

Coming from one of the Tory seats that we need to win, I think I will be able to bring a new perspective on what is required for us to vitally succeed outside our 'heartlands'

I applaud the achievements of Welsh Labour since Devolution. The Welsh Executive Committee is uniquely placed to ensure the party develops further and helps drive the party's transformative policies in Wales

I seek your vote and would much appreciate your support

Mason Steed (Nominated by Newport East CLP.)

Wales is a great nation in a greater United Kingdom.  This greatness has always been a natural part of the people, and our generations of achievements have proven that.   The single greatest achievement of any Welshman is the National Health Service.  The NHS will always be at my heart and truly what makes me proud to call myself a Welshman, but I am also so proud to call myself a member of the Labour Party.  I joined this party at the age of 14 after I realised the devastating and unforgettable damage the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats did to our nation and people.  I realised that their austerity programme has landed us in such a mess that it is the duty of the young people to use every resource, every ounce of talent and ability to resist such austerity in order to put Wales and the United Kingdom back on the track towards equality, justice and freedom for all.

I am a 17 year old man, but I am proud to be in the generation that is being told  ‘’we are going to save or destroy the future of our planet’’.  Being told that has made feel it is my duty to ensure that our policy is to save it. This doesn’t just mean through environmental policies to return to the days of green and pleasant lands, but radical economic and social policies to ensure that poverty and despair are confined to the history books and be seen as an unnatural part of our society.   Radical policy has been promised to this party and country again and again by politicians and they have failed every single time. However, these politicians share one quality - they put party first. My creed is country first, people first and party second.

Eluned Stenner (Nominated by Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney CLP.)

I am Eluned Stenner, aged 48 from New Tredegar, which is in the Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney constituency.  I am married and have 1 daughter. I became a member of the Labour Party as a teenager, and was brought up in a strong Labour family.  I have been heavily involved in community life since the 1984/85 miners strike.  I was actively involved with New Tredegar Miners Support Group, and regularly collected and distributed food parcels through out  the village to mining families.

I started my working life with HMRC based at Llanishen Cardiff, so for the last 29 years I have dealt with the general public giving help and advice on income tax and tax credits.  During the latter years I have seen first hand what austerity has done to the Civil Service and the public.  On starting my career with HMRC I joined the then IRSF union which later became the PCS union.

I became a member of New Tredegar Community Council in 2008, which I am still a member, I became a County Borough Councillor in 2012, sitting on Caerphilly Borough Council,  and was re elected in 2017.  I then became the Cabinet member for Environment and Public Protection.  It was at this time that I decided to take a career break from HMRC so that I could concentrate on my role within the Cabinet.

I made the decision to put my name forward for WEC to ensure that we have a broad representation on the committee.  I believe I have the qualities  to engage, listen and be a proactive of WEC.

Brendan Toomey (Nominated by Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney CLP.)

A lifelong Labour Party supporter; a member for over 25 years; Leader of Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council Labour Group from 2008 to 2017; Leader of the Council from 2012 to 2017; campaign coordinator and Election Agent in both Parliamentary and Welsh Assembly elections; over 30 years as a trade union activist with the Fire Brigades Union; and currently a member of GMB, I am honoured to be nominated by Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney CLP as a candidate for WEC.

Following devolution and the expansion of powers to Wales the work of WEC is more important than ever.  Wales has a golden opportunity to lead the UK in its politics and I fully support the progressive socialist policies being pursued by the Welsh Labour Government.

My view is that Labour in Wales is a broad church with a wide spectrum of viewpoints.  Traditional voting patterns are changing rapidly, and the party must keep abreast of these changes.  I believe that to achieve this we must work together as a cohesive whole in order to ensure a Labour Government in Westminster and the continuation of Labour governments in the Welsh Assembly.

With my experience at all levels of the party, within the trade union movement and local government I would relish the opportunity to serve our Party at Welsh national level through being a member of WEC.

Tom Williams (Nominated by Islwyn CLP.)

For the last 12 years I have been one of the Executive members for South East Wales. During my time on the Executive I have represented it on the Welsh policy forum and was also a member of the Welsh Joint Policy Committee and the Development Board.

I have been a member of the Labour Party for over 40 years, and I am a member of Islwyn CLP. I was also for a long time, the vice chair of Welsh Labour's Standing Orders Committee.

I have a strong Trade Union background having represented the EETPU, the AEEU and then AMICUS at conferences throughout the UK. I was previously the secretary/treasurer of the former UNITE Blackwood branch.

Ever since I was first elected, I have repeatedly tried to ensure the Executive regognises the views of the wider membership and takes them into full account when decisions are made. If I am re -elected that will remain my priority, and I will continue to play my part in making sure Welsh Labour becomes more responsive to the views of its rank and file members and their constituencies.

Ceri Wright (Nominated by Islwyn CLP.)

These elections to the WEC are your opportunity to refresh the administration of Welsh Labour to reflect the fantastic changes we have seen across the UK under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

Since joining the Labour Party in 2013 I have been an active member of Islwyn CLP, campaigning in all council, Welsh Assembly and Parliamentary elections and the EU referendum. I am membership secretary of my CLP and I believe that lay members of the party need to be better represented within all the party structures. This is why I am standing for the WEC.

I am a member of Disability Labour and Project 125, a Labour Disability group working to enable disabled members to stand for public office.

20% of people have or will acquire a disability. Only 0.7% of Labour’s Parliamentary candidates have declared a disability and throughout the Labour Party members with disabilities are not equally represented, including here, in Wales. Disability is often poorly understood and covers a wide spectrum of both visible impairments and conditions such as autism that are not visible. The best people to represent disabled people are the people with disabilities, especially when it comes to ensuring that policies aimed at helping us will be of actual benefit.

I am committed to making sure that the voice of the grassroots membership is heard loud and clear so that the policies enacted by our MPs, AMs and councillors reflect the values of us, the members. I will send written reports of all meetings of the WEC to constituencies and I will actively consult you, the lay membership, on your priorities and aspirations. 

Jeremy Corbyn wants policy making within the Labour Party to be as inclusive as possible. Elect me to make that happen!

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