South Wales West

South Wales West covers the following CLPs: Ogmore, Bridgend, Aberavon, Neath, Swansea East, Swansea West, and Gower.

Adam Davis (Nominated by Gower CLP.)

I’m standing for our Welsh Executive Committee because I believe we need representatives with solid campaigning experience. With the likelihood of another snap election hanging over us, it is essential that the WEC takes the right action to build on our fantastic 2017 General Election result.

As an active member of my local CLP of Gower, I was Tonia Antoniazzi MPs campaign organiser. I’m proud that despite the initial polls and predictions, we were able to win the seat back by turning a Tory majority of 27 into a Labour majority of over 3000, achieving our highest vote share since 1997. I was also Rebecca Evans AMs campaign organiser for the successful 2016 Welsh Assembly Election.

The Welsh Executive Committee must remain focused, and provide Welsh Labour with solid guidance to make the Tory and Plaid gains in Wales that will help send Jeremy Corbyn to Downing Street in the event of another snap election. I’m pleased that selection processes have already been started in our most marginal seats but I believe we can do more.

If elected, I promise to put the interests of our members first. We deserve a Welsh Executive Committee that understands the demands of members and how much we need a Labour Government in Westminster as well as a Labour Government in Wales.

I am currently chair of Welsh Young Labour and I am passionate about giving young members a louder voice within our party.

I joined the party in 2010, shortly after my 18th Birthday and I’m a proud member of the GMB union.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask me before casting your vote, my email address is You can also follow and message me on twitter @adammarkdavis 


Neelo Farr (Nominated by Bridgend CLP.)

My name is Neelo Farr and I have been a party member for many years. I am also a trade union activist as well as a school governor. I have served as a County Councillor and am an active Labour Party campaigner. I have raised five sons, mostly as a single parent. In order to give my family the best life chances, I returned to higher education in later life and qualified as a social worker specialising in Mental Health.

I am seeking election to the WEC as I believe the knowledge, skills and experience I have gained will provide a positive contribution to the work of the WEC. I am keen to make a difference to our Party through supporting the development of members and enabling the Party to be effective in improving local communities through its policy development and activity.

I believe it is important that WEC is made up of people from a diverse spectrum of Welsh society. People who offer different perspectives to stimulate debate and create positive conditions for informed decision making. As a woman from a BAME community, I believe that my background and life experiences add a further dimension to my candidacy. The challenge in Wales is not just about fighting our political rivals - the Tories, UKIP and Plaid – but it’s about fighting apathy, the sense of disengagement that voting doesn't make a difference. BAME communities are part of that hard to reach disengaged community.

I am driven by a set of core values and principles that resonate completely with Welsh Labours. Those being that everyone must be treated equally, with respect and dignity. We need not only to listen to people’s concerns and issues but also to have policies that will actually address them.

 Mark Fisher (Nominated by Aberavon CLP, Neath CLP, and Swansea West CLP.)

Dear Comrades,

I am seeking your vote to be your VOICE on the Welsh Executive Committee (WEC). I have decided to stand on behalf of all CLP members and I promise to listen, advocate and represent your grassroots views to the WEC.

I am honored to be nominated by Welsh Labour Grassroots/Momentum also Neath, Aberavon, and Swansea West CLPs.

I am proud to say that I am a socialist and trade unionist. I supported Jeremy Corbyn from the beginning, advocating his values, principles and policies. I also campaigned for my trade union UNISON to support Jeremy in the last two leadership campaigns. I am proud to say that I played a small part in ensuring Jeremy’sélection as our leader.

I feel WE the grassroots members need to be heard by the Welsh Executive  Committee (WEC). We have increased our membership over the last 2 years and your voices should be heard.

We are a party in waiting, eager to provide the Government our country needs.  We are now truly one party, united under one leader,  with the best Manifesto our party has ever produced.

WE should be proud that we are the biggest political party in Europe. We need to unite around our values and principles. Our vision FOR THE MANY NOT THE FEW - should be the strap line of the Welsh Executive Committee (WEC).

I would be grateful if you would support me as YOUR voice on the Welsh Executive Committee (WEC).


 Fran Griffiths (Nominated by Gower and Swansea West CLP.)

Our Party is experiencing a massive influx of members, some new and some returning. We need to rethink the way we do things.  As Chair of my Constituency Party I experienced much larger more vociferous meetings especially around the Leadership Election, both times. The Party gained from this increase in involvement. The snap General Election further energised members and supporters to get involved and for quite a few, stay involved. We now need a twin track approach involving political education and election activity - not one or the other. We know the argument that we can do nothing unless we are elected but we are not elected to do nothing. We need the informed views of our members to enlighten and empower our elected decision makers.

Also, our democratic structures need strengthening. The claim I would like to be able to make of a policy or position is that it can come via a local ward and by debate and decision at various levels of the Party be pursued all the way through to Conference .Similarly all members views should be respected irrespective of their standing or experience outside the Party. I am standing on just this platform - as an ordinary member. I worked for UNISON, and before that Shelter Cymru, as clerk and fundraiser respectively. This experience informs my politics. At present as well as family and Labour Party activities as Constituency Vice Chair (Campaigns) I am an allotmenteer and am learning Italian (slowly!).  

If re-elected I should like to have Wales Labour Party staff reinstitute the ‘cluster’ meetings for all  regions in order to provide further democratic debate and involvement for members.

 Ceri Reeves (Nominated by Ogmore CLP.)

I joined the Labour Party at the age of 17 and have been an active member since. I’ve held many positions, and have always been a delegate to my CLP. I am an experienced campaigner and have helped in many target seats, along with helping in many local elections, and created many newsletters for my party comrades. I was a regional candidate in the Welsh Government elections, number 1 on the ballot paper and I campaigned in each constituency in South Wales West Region. 

I was an active member of the Aberavon constituency for many years, sat on the General Management Committee, and I was also an observer on the West Glamorgan Labour Group. I am currently the Membership Secretary of Ogmore CLP and Assistant Secretary of Bridgend Campaign Forum ("Team Bridgend") where I help with organising campaigning. I‘m currently a member of the WEC, and delegate to Welsh Policy Forum, I’m also a regular attender at both Welsh and National Labour Party conferences. I was a Bridgend County Borough Councillor from 2012-17, and was the Group Secretary and Cabinet Member for Communities.

I have been a Union activist since I started work in the Civil Service some 30 years ago, and have held a number of posts within PCS. I was the President of my General Executive Committee since its inception; I have led on National Pay Negotiations for many years, and have a record which is envied, usually achieving pay rises well above inflation. I led the TUPE negotiations for my members, for re-joining the DVLA from the private sector. I work for Derek Vaughan MEP.

I have a particular interest in equality and encouraging and empowering under-represented groups to be better represented within the Labour Party. I am keen to represent all party members new & old.

 Gary Sassoon-Hales (Nominated by Bridgend CLP.)

My name is Gary Sassoon-Hales and I'm an active member of the Welsh Labour Party and have been re-elected as CLP Secretary for Bridgend. I have performed other roles such as Political Education officer and I'm an auditor for Welsh Labour’s annual accounts. I'm also a Labour town councillor.

We have far too much inequality that exists in society and the use of divisive language serves as a mechanism to hold ordinary people back by promoting ideologies that impact on the poorest. Brexit without proper governance seeks pit our people against each other to mask the biggest redistribution of wealth from the most vulnerable to the rich in a century. It is my belief that we cannot accept in any form any attack from UK government using the banner of Brexit to grab back devolved powers.

I work for the Royal Mail and for my Trade Union I am a divisional secretary for Unite/CMA, I have been also re-elected to The National and Welsh Labour Party Liaison Committee/s, the Welsh Regional Committee, Chair of the Service Industries Industrial Sector Committee.

I am pleased to have received nomination from my CLP for the Welsh Executive Committee because maybe like you I have become tired of some of the previous nominee statements that promise to be a strong voice for our CLP’s only then not to hear anything back once elected. My commitment is to use my local and industrial experience to fight for Welsh Job’s, Welsh Communities and Welsh interests and to increase communications with ordinary members by sending a regular report back to CLP’s.

I believe we need more engagement with members and new members to provide opportunity to build a succession plan for our party that supports and provides encouragement for our next generation of Labour Politian’s.

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