Big-hitter Tom Watson backs David Taylor's 'zero tolerance' policy on yobs

The Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson, believes the party’s candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in North Wales - David Taylor - will bring a “new energy” to the role, if elected this week.

Watson gave his endorsement for David Taylor during a visit to North Wales in the run-up Polling Day (Thursday, 5 May).

Speaking as he hit the campaign trail in Wrexham, Flintshire and Denbighshire, Tom Watson was especially supportive of Taylor’s controversial approach to tackling anti-social behaviour - by adopting an American-style ‘zero tolerance’ policy. 

Commenting, Labour big-hitter, Tom Watson said:

“David has fought an effective campaign to be North Wales' next Police and Crime Commissioner and there's real momentum behind him now and that's why I'm here." 

"It's refreshing to see a candidate not afraid to speak his mind on issues of real concern to people across North Wales. In particular, David’s plan to tackle anti-social behaviour has struck a chord with people of all political persuasions, and this is something that people in other parts of the UK can learn from.

“It’s now widely recognised that David would bring a much-needed new energy to the role of Commissioner. He would be on the side of ordinary people and would be prepared to take tough action against the yobs who make life a misery in many North Wales towns.

“I believe David's zero tolerance approach will be the deciding factor this Thursday. One this is for certain - if people in North Wales vote for David - they will be electing someone who will be on their side from day one. Whether that’s making communities safer or standing up to Tory cuts - he will make North Wales’ voice heard.”

David Taylor said:

“Tom has proved time and again that he’s a fearless campaigner. He's non-establishment and like myself, he's prepared to take on vested interests. I’m particularly grateful for his support for what I’m trying to achieve in North Wales when it comes to tackling anti-social behaviour."

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