Tory manifesto "an incoherent fantasy"

Speaking after the Welsh Conservative manifesto launch today, Rebecca Evans said the Tories manifesto offer is an incoherent fantasy. 

"The Tories are promising massive cuts to pay for their tax pledge - at least £360million. However, their manifesto is full of spending commitments - such as uncosted plans for road bypasses; investment in an airport they said we should never have bought; and the establishment of elected Health Commissioners. Andrew RT Davies would run Welsh finances into the rocks inside 12 months, and it would be the people of Wales would suffer. The Tories and UKIP are a risk that the Welsh people just cannot take.

"This is what happens to parties in open civil war - none of the groundwork has been done, as the Tory leadership team are totally focused on dragging Wales out of the European Union and have produced a manifesto that reads like an after-thought."

Rebecca added:

"The Tories are also talking about using a mid-term review of the Common Agricultural Policy to generate a better deal for farmers - but if the leader of their own party gets their way, there won't even be a CAP to support Welsh farmers."

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