Twenty years on from Labour's landslide victory

On the twentieth anniversary of Labour’s 1997 election victory, Welsh Labour Leader and First Minister Carwyn Jones said: 

“Twenty years on from Labour’s landslide election victory, it is still clear that only a Labour Government can stand up for the people of Wales. It took a Labour Government to pass the minimum wage, introduce the New Deal to get young people back to work, bring in Sure Start, tax credits, pension credit, increase spending on health and education, legislate for civil partnerships for gay and lesbian couples, deliver the Good Friday Agreement, and establish devolution for Wales.

“This is what a Labour Government does – it delivers for the people of Wales. And our Welsh Labour Government is continuing that record of delivery.”

Shadow Welsh Secretary, Christina Rees MP said:

“In 1997, after 18 years of Tory failure, a Labour Government began its work to change people’s lives for the better. And in 2017, more than ever, we need a Labour Government to stand up for the people of Wales.

“This General Election is a clear choice between a Welsh Labour Party which will stand up for you and a Tory Party which is failing working people. It will give people in Wales the chance to vote for a UK government that will put the interests of the majority first. On June 8th only a vote for a Welsh Labour candidate will stop the Tories walking all over Wales.”

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