Wales needs a government in place soon, says Vaughan Gething

Commenting on the situation in the Assembly, Vaughan Gething AM said:

“Wednesday was not a good day for the Assembly. People who voted last week will have expected better, and will have expected to have a Government in place by now. We’re very clear that 29 seats out of 60 gives us a mandate to govern, but equally we recognise that we do not have a majority. 

That is why we started talks with the other parties after the election. It is also why Labour members decided not to run for Presiding Officer, ensuring an opposition member was free to take the chair.

“Others have said there is no rush, that this is a five-year term. I don’t agree with that thought process. Our position remains very simple - Wales needs a government in place, soon, for two overriding reasons – the steel crisis and the European referendum which is just a matter of weeks away. We’re not trying to push ahead to shut other parties out – we couldn’t do that even if we wanted to – we are talking about minority government and that of course involves working with others. We are very ready to do that.

“I’m pleased that talks will take place with Plaid Cymru on Friday and we will see what comes out of that.”

On UKIP rumours: 

“There is no deal with UKIP, and there won’t be. Some members of their group offered to support Carwyn Jones in a vote, in return for implementing parts of their manifesto. That is not something we would consider.”

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