Welsh Labour challenge parties to protect flood defence funding as UKIP pledge to cut ALL projects

Welsh Labour today challenged other parties in Wales to commit to protecting funding for flood defences and other climate change projects, after UKIP pledged to cut the capital budget.


UKIP have committed to axing the £73million climate change and sustainability budget, which would stop all projects in the following areas: flood and coastal risk management; energy efficiency, warm homes; waste procurement; Natural Resource management; Green Growth and environmental protection 

Projects that would be axed as a result of this budget cut include flood defence schemes in St Asaph, Porthcawl, Crindau, Tal-y-bont (A55) and Boverton & Llanmaes.

UKIP manifesto commits to:

“Axe the £73 million Welsh Government budget for climate change projects”

Nathan Gill and Mark Reckless are on the record talking about this cut, and have spoken about how they would spend the money freed up, including on a cut to Severn Bridge tolls, and on rail projects.

The UKIP cut would also end funding for the highly successful home insulation and energy efficiency schemes, Nest and ARBED.

The announcement comes just months after parts of Wales were hit by devastating flooding.

Screenshot from UKIP Manifesto


Welsh Labours Natural Resources Minister, Carl Sargeant said: 

“UKIP’s pledge would have huge repercussions for communities across Wales.  They deny climate change and are now suggesting we should do nothing about flooding.

“People need to understand what they are voting for on May the 5th - a party that doesn’t believe in flood protection. UKIP are a risk our communities cannot afford.

“Former Tory MP Mark Reckless and UKIP Wales leader Nathan Gill think this money is better spent elsewhere. Say that to communities like St Asaph, or Talybont, who desperately need these defences to protect homes, businesses and lives.”

Welsh Labour Candidate for the Vale of Clwyd Ann Jones said:

“This pledge from UKIP is truly reckless and puts lives and homes at risk.  They clearly do not understand what they are talking about.”

“Many of us know people and families who have been affected by flooding and are unwilling to leave them to fend for themselves. I’ve fought hard for extra investment in St Asaph, and people need to realise that is now under serious threat.”

 “Voters in the Vale of Clwyd need to understand that on May the 5th they have a choice, to vote for me as a  candidate who has a long track record of successfully campaigning for flood defences, or a potential Tory/UKIP that would see flood defence schemes ripped away, leaving our communities to suffer.”

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