Welsh Labour Government Boosts Energy Efficiency Efforts

A new Energy Efficiency strategy that will play a major role in driving economic growth, tackling fuel poverty and improving energy efficiency has been launched by Welsh Labour’s Natural Resources Minister Carl Sargeant.

The new Energy Efficiency Strategy for Wales sets out a clear direction for the next 10 years and outlines how action is going to be supported across all sectors.

Supporting the launch of the strategy, Welsh Labour’s Finance Minister Jane Hutt has announced the creation of a new Invest to Save Green Growth Fund with over £9 million for projects to help reduce carbon emissions. The new national initiative will build on the success of the Invest to Save scheme and offers repayable grants for the Welsh public sector to generate energy and cash efficiencies.

The following projects will benefit from the new £9m investment through the Invest to Save Green Growth Fund:

  • £2.7 million for the installation of LED street lighting in Monmouth County Council, Gwynedd Council and Wrexham Council;
  • £333,000 for Natural Resources Wales for the implementation of various energy efficiency measures;
  • £4 million for the installation of LED lighting on sections of the Welsh Government trunk road network; and
  • £2.1 million to support energy efficiency projects across various Cardiff City Council premises.



These new projects, along with previous Invest to Save projects, amount to investment by the Welsh Labour Government of £13 million in energy efficiency projects over the last twelve months. This investment will generate annual cash releasing savings of £2.4 million and reduce carbon emissions by over 8,000 tonnes per annum.

Thanks to the leadership of the Welsh Labour Government, Wales has led the way in successfully delivering a vision for energy efficiency that will deliver multiple benefits across the goals set out in our Well-being of Future Generations Act, reducing energy use and carbon emissions, creating jobs and tackling poverty and its ill effects on a number of fronts.  

The Energy Efficiency Strategy for Wales can be found here.

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