Welsh Labour outline vision for North Wales Metro Map

Welsh Labour today published their vision for the North Wales Metro map. The map is the next step in the creation of an integrated transport network for North Wales. 


The North Wales Metro will create a new integrated transport network across North Wales connecting people, communities and businesses to jobs, facilities and services.

The First Minister has previously outlined the need for a reliable, efficient and quality integrated transport network across the region. The publication of today’s indicative map takes thing on, and will form the basis for planning in the next Assembly – should Welsh Labour win.

The metro project will be a significant boost for the North Wales economy and Jobs – encourage investment and employment growth through high quality, reliable and attractive transport network with better passenger and business services.

The devolution of additional powers over rail will give the Welsh Government the tools to develop an integrated system. That will not only better connect North Wales but establish faster and more frequent trains to the airports of the North-West England.

The Tories cut out North Wales from their recent “Northern Powerhouse” plans, even calling the idea a “competitor” to the North Wales economy.

Welsh Labour is looking to hit the ground running by convening a Metro summit within the first 100 days of a Welsh Labour Government. 

Welsh Labour leader and First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones said:

“Today’s publication of the metro map is an important step in developing a reliable, efficient and quality integrated transport network, across the North Wales.

“We want to show residents and businesses throughout North Wales that we are serious about taking this project forward, and we know that quality integrated transport links are vital to the local economy. The North Wales Metro will link people to jobs and businesses to customers.”

“Welsh Labour is ambitious for North Wales and we are determined to deliver a transport network that will make a difference.

“The Tories have got things totally wrong with their “Northern Powerhouse” announcement – describing North Wales and Northern England as competitors just shows they don’t understand how the economy works. East-West links are vital. Like the people of North Wales, I know there are huge benefits of improved connectivity within North Wales and improved links to regional airports in the North West of England.

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