Welsh Labour’s First Minister Carwyn Jones has announced that he will establish an expert advisory group to ensure Wales secures the best possible outcome in forthcoming Brexit negotiations.

The European Advisory Group will be made up of business people, politicians and experts with a detailed understanding of the European Union.  The group will advise the Welsh Labour Government on the wide-ranging impact on Wales of the UK’s exit from the EU and how Wales can overcome challenges to secure a prosperous future and a continued positive relationship with Europe.

The First Minister also announced he will chair a Cabinet Sub-Committee on European Transition from September, while detailed work continues between the Welsh Government, UK Government and the other Devolved Administrations to prepare for the EU negotiations.


The Welsh Labour Government’s immediate focus since the EU referendum result has been on protecting the Welsh economy and providing assurance to Wales’ business community. The First Minister has outlined six immediate economic measures, a business confidence plan is also being developed with support for Welsh exports and the Welsh Government has created a new fund to help boost employment and attract inward investment.

The First Minister has also sought a cast iron commitment from the UK Government that Wales will not lose a penny of the EU money budgeted to Wales up to 2020 and has been absolutely clear that maintaining uninterrupted access to the Single Market is vital.

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