Vaughan Gething MS

Cardiff South and Penarth

Vaughan was born in Zambia to a Welsh father and Zambian mother, and brought up in Dorset. He studied law at the universities of Aberystwyth and Cardiff, and after completing his studies worked as a lawyer for trade union solicitors Thompsons, eventually becoming a partner. In 2008, Vaughan became the youngest ever president of the Wales TUC, and was elected to the then Welsh Assembly in 2011.

Vaughan began his time in government in 2013, when he was appointed Deputy Minister for Tackling Poverty. He then become Deputy Minister for Health the following year, rising to Cabinet Secretary (later Minister) for Health and Social Services in 2016, a position he held for five years until his appointment as Minister for Economy in 2021.

Vaughan was elected as Leader of Welsh Labour in March 2024. He serves as the Senedd member for Cardiff South and Penarth, where he lives with his wife and son.

Vaughan was Health Minister during the toughest of circumstances, working alongside our brilliant NHS and councils to keep Wales safe during the pandemic. Under his stewardship, Wales had the fastest vaccine rollout in the UK and delivered the successful, publicly-run NHS Wales Test, Trace, Protect service.


Vaughan has since pioneered the Young Person’s Guarantee as Economy Minister, a transformational initiative that gives all young people in Wales the opportunity of work, education or training. He also led the continuing fight for the future of the steel industry in Wales during this time, championing a just transition for Welsh steel that protects jobs in our vital steelmaking communities.


As leader of Welsh Labour, Vaughan’s vision is of a fairer Wales; of a healthy, green and prosperous nation where everyone can succeed, regardless of their background.